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Stewardship of the Gospel

In 2016 the Diocese asked for and appointed volunteers in the parishes of Brentwood to become stewards of the gospel.

The  stewards were trained and then asked to assess the resources available in each parish for evangelisation, sacramental provision and development.

This parish has 3 stewards; Andrew Johnson, Bernadette Morrison Ebling and Jane Hargreaves.

Their initial reports and Diocese updates since then can be accessed through the hyperlinks below.

This is an ongoing project and it is not too late to get involved.  If you want to speak to one of the stewards leave a message at the parish office.

Executive Summary

Initial Report

Next Steps

Working Together To Evangelise Our Diocese

Working Together To Evangelise Our Diocese Advent 2017

Update (March 2018)

June 2018 Update

Bishop Alan talks about the latest stage in the planning for the Diocese over the next 10 years. The final plan will be agreed by the beginning of Advent 2018. In the meantime do look at his video message; http://www.dioceseofbrentwood.net/departments/development/

Bishop Alan refers to a letter from Steven Webb, the co-ordinator for development. This letter discusses the proposals from various parishes and compliments us on our progress so far. He also makes clear that some suggestions are not currently acceptable to the Church. So women and married priests are not likely to come in the near future. Recruiting priests from abroad will continue but is unlikely to find more candidates than we have at present and the numbers may fall reflecting the need in Third World countries and difficulties with visas. Also, at present, neither video transmission of Mass from one centre to another nor Eucharistic Services fulfil our obligation to attend Mass on Sundays.

March 2019 update: Vision Document - Shaping our future

May 2019 update: Vision Document - Shaping our future

September 2019 update: Vision Document - Shaping our future



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